Sunday, May 26, 2013

(HORROR) Dark Skies - 2013 ****

I wouldn't normally count sci fi as one of my favourite movie genres, in fact I tend to try and and avoid it if at all possible. 'Dark Skies' was different. It was frightening and real and I found myself thoroughly disturbed by the end. A family begin to witness strange and abnormal activities taking place in their home, added to which, their son has started to behave in a very peculiar way, seeing things, staring into space and drawing pictures of grey men in his room who he says want to take him away. Before long, the family are starting to realise that something otherworldly is happening, and they are absolutely powerless to stop it. 
This isn't a particularly original film, but it's really scary and well done. I liked it. One of the better films of the year. 

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