Monday, July 29, 2013

Oblivion - 2013 **

I'm sorry, but Tom Cruise is past it, and no matter how many weird sci-fi type films he is put in, he will still be the same. He's washed out now, and nowhere was it more clear than 'Oblivion', a head tripping, post apocalyptic head **** that centres around Cruise cruising around (see what I did there..??) in a type of time travelling spaceship/plane and shooting at metal UFO's that look like they have been taken out of a Star Wars film. Then we have his incredibly English and very red-haired partner/friend/lover sitting at a massive computer clicking buttons and directing him. What fun. Then we have him going back in time and getting tangled up with characters there, as well as trying to get back to his present time. And to top it all, this riveting pile of gunk is nearly two hours long.

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