Monday, July 07, 2014

The Libertine - 2004 *

Mournfully depressing movie about the notorious womaniser the 2nd Earl of Rochester. We know it's going to be depressing because one of the first things he says to the audience is how much we are going to dislike him. I suspect this is supposed to be 'quirky', but it's really not. Johnny Depp is a fantastic actor, but even he couldn't do much with this. Most of the movie consists of swearing, depressing conversations about how unpopular he is, screaming matches with various women he has been bedding, and a lot of emphasis on a huge plaster cast of a penis that keeps appearing in a play that has been put on for Rochester's pal Charles II. I must say that Malkovich does a pretty good English accent, well to be honest they both do, but why either of them chose to be in this film is a mystery to me. It wastes two talented actors and doesn't show their acting abilities in a good light at all. 

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