Monday, October 14, 2013

(HORROR) Friday the 13th - 1980 ** 1/2

Having never watched any of this franchise it was rather exciting for me to get to see the first in the series the other day.
However, my excitement disappeared rapidly when I realised how awfully dated and cheesy the whole thing was. I can't actually see what all the fuss is about. Rather like 'Sleepaway Camp' (which spawned plenty of sequels but was utterly stupid to watch) this was a typical slasher from the 1980s, although it really can't compare to anything like Halloween or Texas Chainsaw.
Jason, the main 'star' of these films, is only viewed for about 3 seconds near the end of the film, so I would imagine that I will end up seeing the next one just to see if he makes a more lengthy appearance (a rather clever marketing ploy I think).

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