Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Last Chance Harvey - 2008 ****

I was surprised by this movie. Warm and easy going, it was just the sort of thing you want to watch on a cold and cosy evening. Dustin Hoffman plays a wannabe jazz musician named Harvey and a bit of a useless father, to the extent that his daughter (who is about to get married) makes sure he stays at a separate hotel to all the other gusts and is put on the end of the dinner table. The icing on the cake however, is when she chooses her stepfather over him to give her away at the wedding.
Whilst in London for the celebrations, Harvey meets gentle and good-natured Kate, who refuses to find love, and spends her life on the phone to her neurotic mother who is convinced her Polish neighbour is going to murder her.
The pair, somewhat stubbornly, hit it off, and begin to spend a lot of time together despite their obvious differences.
Emma Thompson is wonderful as always and Dustin Hoffman is not bad at all.

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