Saturday, August 10, 2013

Man's Favourite Sport? - 1964 *****

Maybe my new favourite film? I cannot explain how much I loved this movie.
Rock Hudson plays a charming employee who works at a fishing store, knows everything about fishing, and has even written a book on the subject much to the joy of his manager. There is just one problem. He has never actually fished before in his whole life.
Enter Paula Prentiss, who is desperately keen to get him to take in and win the annual fishing tournament.
Hilarity ensues as Prentiss takes over Hudson's life, giving him six days to get up to scratch on his fishing techniques so that he can enter.
Apparently Howard Hawks did this film as a homage to one his best known productions 'Bringing up Baby' (one of my other favourite movies) and you can tell that some scenes (including the ripped dress) are basically lifted from this.
Rock Hudson is wonderful. And the music is of course by Henry Mancini. A must see.

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