Saturday, November 23, 2013

The Fab Five - The Texas Cheerleading Scandal - 2008 ***

Have become rather obsessed with the real life case of these girls, despite it happening at least four years ago. It's half strange and ridiculous, and half infuriating that teachers allow students to run amok in their school simply because one of the culprits is their daughter.
A group of cheerleaders - known as the 'Fab Five' dominate their school in Texas by abusing, bullying and dominating their fellow students and teachers. They also post provocative film online and send indecent texts to their cheerleading coach's colleague.
Once they are 'outed' they barely get a smack on the wrist, and so the strong willed coach decides to go to the school board, and then to the press with the exploits.
Fascinating stuff. Look up the real case for more information.

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