Friday, November 22, 2013

Hotel Reserve - 1944 ****

'Hotel Reserve' is a bit of a hidden gem. It's got a lot of espionage and spying in it and James Mason at his peak. (I am becoming a huge fan of films involving spies)
Mason is a medical student and amateur photographer on holiday in France and staying at the Hotel Reserve. Along with him are many other characters, some normal, and some strange. After taking photographs of wildlife he is suddenly hustled down to the local police station and accused of spying. Unable to understand what is going on, he is asked to show the photographs on his camera. At the end of the roll are photographs of naval bases that he didn't take. But who did?!
Mason begins to suspect everyone at the hotel, and some surprising secrets come out the woodwork. It was obvious who the culprit was but still very enjoyable.
Very well acted, especially Mason and a suitable sleazy Herbert Lom (always a highlight in every film.)

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