Thursday, December 05, 2013

White House Down - 2013 **** 1/2

A Capitol Police Officer takes his daughter for a tour of the White House and is caught up in a terrifying hostage situation involving the President. Jamie Foxx is very convincing as the President and actually I liked how he had a sense of dry humour but seemed kind and decent as well (apparently they aren't basing this on anyone we know). Channing Tatum normally has as much appeal as a blank wall, but here he really acted his socks off, and comes across as the kind of person who you would want to protect you if you were in power.
I watched this quite soon after 'Olympus Has Fallen' and actually preferred it which I was surprised by. Tatum and Foxx make a good and realistic team.
I liked it, I was gripped, and I thought in general that the graphics and photography were very impressive. Watch this over the former.

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