Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Roommate - 2011 ****

Yes, this film is very like 'Single White Female', so if you are one of the vast population who has seen that then you won't be surprised. However I'm quite a fan of obsessive friendship/relationship films, so I wasn't too bothered about roughly knowing what was going on. Many of you will notice that the joint lead is Leighton Meester from 'Gossip Girl.' This actress could not play a more different character if she tried. I watched the film thinking 'she must be loving playing this part!'

Minka Kelly plays a student named Sara who gets assigned a new roommate named Rebecca. Things start off well and both girls bond. But when Sara starts dating someone and hanging out with another girl, Rebecca's true colours come out and she becomes a total nutcase, obsessive of everything Sara does and who she is with. Several eerie events make up Sara's mind that she doesn't want anything to do with Rebecca anymore, but Rebecca isn't letting her go that easily...

In all fairness, the acting from these 2 girls was amazing. Meester really can act and I will never stereotype her as the ditzy girl from 'Gossip Girl' again. Billy Zane also pops up as Sara's art teacher who can't stop hitting on female students in a half funny and half creepy way. Don't take the film too seriously, as 'Single White Female' is a better crafted example of female obsession, but 'The Roommate' is certainly not far behind.

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