Sunday, December 04, 2011

Sabrina - 1995 ****

I was surprised how much I enjoyed this 1990s version of the 50's movie starring Bogie and Hepburn.

Harrison Ford was excellent as the dry and uncompromising Linus Larrabee, the man obsessed with his multi-million dollar company on Wall Street whilst Greg Kinnear was suitably slimy and in my opinion completely unattractive as Linus' younger and completely immature brother David.

Sabrina Fairchild is the 'ugly duckling' daughter of the Larrabee chauffeur and so has had a crush on David since she was young. She has spent her adolescent years watching his many exploits with various women at his various parties from her favourite tree in the grounds, and has always wished more than anything that she coulod be one of those women. Fast forward a period of time (I would imagine it's a year or so) and Sabrina has been to Paris to 'find herself' and is back at the Larrabee household with a more sophisticated outlook on life, causing David to fall for her despite being finally engaged to someone else.

Of course as we all know, obsessive crushes on people when we are young never really shows us what the person is like in reality, and Sabrina discovers that whilst she thinks David is very handsome, he is also a pretty shallow and arrogant human being.

I can't say I liked this characterisation of Sabrina as much as the 50s one, (in fact I found the actress utterly annoying and whimpish with a ridiculous, angelic opinion of a man she didn't know well at all) but I did like the two male characters very much, especially seeing them bring an ounce of humour to the storyline.

A good story, showing us that the value of attraction towards another person should be more than skin deep, and also the whole 'love is more important than money' adage.

Harrison Ford is great in sarcastic comedy!

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