Sunday, November 27, 2011

So Long at the Fair - 1950 ****

My best friend hunted down a copy of this for me and I am so grateful (thank you pasta!) because it was a brilliantly constructed and shockingly overlooked mystery gem supposedly based on a true story.

The story is of a sister and brother who go to Paris in 1889 to see the world fair. The night before they are due to depart to the fair they check into a hotel with separate rooms. The next morning the sister eagerly rushes to her brother's room to wake him, and finds with horror that both he and his room have disappeared. And even more shocking is that the owners and staff og the hotel claim that she arrived alone and that they never saw her brother. Enter Dirk Bogarde, the one man who spoke to her brother the night before the disappearance, and the one person who can help her unravel what happened.

A tight plot, with a shocking ending, Jean Simmons and Dirk Bogarde are totally in sync with each other.

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