Thursday, October 27, 2011

(NOIR) Dark City - 1950 *** 1/2

'Dark City' will never be one of the best film noirs, and if anything, having Lizabeth Scott in it really made it worse (every film I have seen with her in she has acted like a wooden, unexciting version of Lauren Bacall), especially when she spends a lot of her time singing and looking panic-striken. She has the most unexpressive face I have ever seen in a 'femme fatale' role and I'm sorry to say this but I don't think she can really act which leads a lot of her scenes to be quite flat.

Anyway, the main star is Charlton Heston who definitely can act, and he's pretty good as a nasty, petty hoodlum who runs an illegal poker racket. He's even more nasty when he gets tangled up in the death of one of the men he fleeced, and finds himself falling for the dead man's wife, despite being somewhat attached to Fran (Scott).

I love film noir, and this certainly falls into the category of a watchable one, but not a 'classic'. Interesting to see Charlton Heston in a nasty role when ultimately he would end up playing a whole series of good characters though.

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