Friday, October 21, 2011

La Rapture (The Breach) 1970 ****

I've never heard of this Chabrol film, and was blown away as usual. Chabrol is back on form. Or rather, his 1970s movies show him at his peak.

Stephane Audran is yet again the star, totally captivating and mesmerising the audience.

She stars as Helen, who runs away from home with her son after her mentally ill husband attacks them both one morning.

Leaving him in the care of a hospital, she rents a room in a boarding house across the road and meets the strange assortment of people staying there whilst waiting to obtain a divorce. Her husband goes back to live with his wealthy and manipulative parents who think that they can buy Helen's son with their money . They then hire a distant family friend to help them effectively 'get the dirt' on Helen to prove that she is not fit to look after her son.

The story is bizarre, surreal and everything you would expect a Chabrol to be. 1970s France has never looked so edgy and exciting.

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