Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Unknown - 1927 ****

What a superb film. Lon Chaney totally blew me away with his terrifyingly eerie characterisation of a burglar named Alonso who poses as an armless circus performer.

Joan Crawford is almost unrecognisable as Nanon, who becomes Alonso's love interest against her will. Alonso then sets up what he thinks is a cunning plan to win Nanon over, with drastic results.

The score that I heard with the film was spot on and the acting was simply amazing. The thing about silent movies is that you can spot someone who can't act a mile off because all you are relying on is their facial and physical expression. Films nowadays show us that most actors can't act very well indeed. The actors in this film can captivate you with a single glance, and without saying a word.

It was a horrifying thought to think that this film was almost lost, and was only found by fluke in a box named 'unknown' full of unknown films (how ironic).

This has set me off on an obsession with silent films.

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