Saturday, October 22, 2011

(NOIR) Criss-Cross - 1949 ****

A very well done thriller-noir from director Richard Siodmak who went on to direct 'The Killers.'

Burt Lancaster gives a gripping performance as a man who gets caught up with his ex-wife and her mobster husband. It's not one of the best film noirs out there but it sure is worth a watch, and I think the academy award for acting in this film should go to the totally underrated Dan Duryea who steals practically every scene he is in. Yvonne DeCarlo is a beautiful femme fatale but I found her performance to be a bit wooden and her role probably would have to been better suited to someone like Claire Trevor or Gloria Grahame.

However, Lancaster is a good half good/half bad guy and I will have to check to see if he has been in any other film noirs of the 40s.

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