Monday, August 11, 2014

Dom Hemingway - 2013 *


'Raucously entertaining'?! Where are these reviewers from?! Dom Hemingway is appallingly bad. Jude Law's character is not the sort of person you want to see coming at you down the street. And the whole film consists of him either swearing, kicking, fighting, punching, killing or disrespecting anyone who gets in his way. Law's characterisation of an ex-convict sent down for something he didn't do and hell-bent on revenge probably suits him quite well, but he's still extremely unlikeable and makes everyone who is watching wince whenever he appears.
Shame that Richard E. Grant was in this too, because I admire him a lot as an actor, and feel that this was a big dip in his career.
When a film is this unpleasant and can only be told by swearing and violence you know it's not a good film.

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