Sunday, November 06, 2011

(HORROR) The Devonshire Terror - 1983 ***

This was a rather low budget film. And as with many films that I have watched recently, it started off well and with good prospects and ended rather poorly. I'm all for low budget movies, but when the acting is wooden and the plot partly implausible it makes it hard to take them seriously.

The story is of three young women who are burned at the stake on witchcraft charges in 17th century Devonshire.

300 years later three women arrive at the town almost to the day of the burnings to take up various positions in the community and are subsequently accused of witchcraft by the younger generation of the accusers hundreds of years ago.

A bit predictable, but not too bad. Apparently the director went on to make the notoriously bad 'Green River Killer' afterwards which I have to see just to see how dire it really is.

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