Sunday, November 20, 2011

Vanity Fair - 2004 *** 1/2

I do wonder whether William Mackpeace Thackery's novel went on for quite as long as this film seemed to. I'd wanted to see this for a while, and thought it would be interesting to see Resse Witherspoon in a period drama. But she was actually very good, and very natural (you wouldn't imagine through watching her that she was the same actress as in 'Legally Blonde') and gave her character Becky Sharp a real edge.

The story is typical of the period, or regency era, a young girl from a not too privileged background seeks greater things by climbing her way up the social ladder by any means necessary.

Interesting and at times quite gripping, 'Vanity Fair' is a story of a gutsy woman who grabs opportunites with both hands regardless of the consequences, something maybe more of us should take on board.

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