Friday, November 11, 2011

Wild Strawberries - 1957 **** 1/2

On contrast to the last Bergman on my list (Cries and Whispers) this was absolutely superb. The acting was stunning, the cinematography was divine. For this film, Bergman was the master.

The film follows an old academic who goes on a journey to collect his doctrote accompanied by his daughter in law and an assortment of characters. Along the way he revisits his past and experiences scenes from his life in amazing detail.

To me, this movie had a hint of 'A Christmas Carol' about it. It was a story of regret, of past moments, and of excepting your choices in life. The main character spends several scenes watching his past life without anyone being able to see him (as in ' A Christmas Carol' ) and also watches himself woo his first love (again, as in CC). What I loved about this film was how some of the actors play more than one part, many in the present scenes also play characters from the academic's past and the fun part is being able to spot them.

I really enjoyed this film, and there were several scenes (including his dream at the beginning) which have not left my mind since I saw it. Amazing.

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